Saturday, February 04, 2012

Making a Katwise Sweatercoat

After seeing Kat featured in the current issue of Belle Armoire magazine, I purchased her tutorial on etsy and have started my own coat.

It's been fun!

First there was finding enough wool sweaters at our local thrift shops - then washing and drying them all. (Each coat seems to require about 20 sweaters!)

I threaded the faithful serger - not totally confident that she would sew through the heavy layers, but she is a champ!

Right now I have the bodice, skirt, waistband and two strips sewn along the bottom of the skirt. Not sure how many more I will add...

Then it is on to the sleeves, finishing the front edge and the hood.

These are a lot more work than necktie skirts!

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MarlaQuack said...

So fun! I dislike the feel of wool and have been thinking about trying something similar with other sweaters.