Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Sweatercoat Chronicles - Chapter 4

After struggling through my first coat I had learned a couple of lessons.

The second (the purple one below) and third were much easier.

I put the ties into the waistband - no problem.

Sorted out the hood issue.

Even added zippers to the front.

Another thing I noted after the first coat and my constant mantra of "Wrong Sides Together... Wrong Sides Together..." is that the long strips on the bottom of the coat should be serged to one another (the short ends) RIGHT sides together. That way, I have a continuous strip - without exposed seams - to attach to the bottom of the coat.

This looks a lot better!

But are these coats too kooky? Does anyone really want to wear such brightly-colored coats? Hmmmm....

Also, the wool bodices are really warm. Definitely too warm for AZ.

Still washing and sorting sweaters. After completing three coats, I changed my needles and thoroughly cleaned and oiled my serger. There sure was a lot of lint in there!

My next coats will be a little more subtle.

Sew along with me - Katwise tutorial available here.

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