Friday, March 23, 2012

Epic Fail!

Always searching for purple sweaters, I reasoned, why not try dying some white sweaters?

I happened to have dozens of packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid confiscated from Matt and his friends when they were in high school and intending to dye their hair...

Now, I am not an idiot and have dyed plenty of textiles in my life, and of course I know that natural fibers accept dye better than synthetic, but this was an "experiment." I deliberately chose a variety of fibers and fiber blends.

I used FIVE packages of grape Kool-Aid.

The acrylic sweaters did not accept the dye at all. The blends turned light pink and the 100% wool turned a pretty lavender/pink color. BUT the hot water and the agitation and rinsing required for the dying process resulted in a very thick felted sweater. Also, there must have been some mystery stains in the fabric because there are a couple of darker spots.

Afterward I did go in with Rit dye and colored the three most suitable sweaters, but still the results were not good at all. Too much felting, splotches and uneven color. Also, too much work and expense. I would rather look harder and purchase the purple sweaters at the Thrift Store.

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MarlaQuack said...

As far as kid clothes go I found kool-aid brand to always rinse out with water, but Wylers brand always stained.