Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Working in a Print

Sweatercoat Chronicles - Chapter 7

So far I have used mostly solid-colored sweaters and a few stripes.

However, I've picked up a few "print" sweaters along the way and I am determined to use them.

It doesn't seem right to have all solid skirt panels and then one random print....

So I added the flower print wool only to the sleeves and hood.

Also, because Kat recommends that the fabric that frames the face should have a "little form to it," and perhaps a "fuzzy fabric, folded over" to provide shape, I went with a thick fuzzy sweater to frame the face. It was really hard serging through those thick, folded layers. There are some sloppy stitches. But overall, I think it turned out great.

The coat is for a lovely law student who lives in San Francisco. I hope she likes it!

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