Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Autumn Leaves

I enjoyed making a series of plus-sized coats in fall colors.

The first one is browns and greens with green stitching.

There are stripes too!

The next one is browns and tans with purple stitching.  
Purple thread brings just about any coat to life!

This is the largest of the three coats with ample room in the bust and extra-long sleeves.  It also has thumbholes.

And animal print!

And stripes!

So great!

The last one is more rust, golden brown and chocolate.  It truly says "fall!"

There are even fall leaves appliqued on the pocket and sleeves.

I wish I had a live model for these!  They will easily accommodate sizes 14-16 with the second one probably up to size 18.  Of course the wrap style makes them very adjustable!

1 comment:

Taronna said...

Your coats are beautiful! I'm totally in love and must have one or three ;)