Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Well, hello there Sarah, Olivia and Milli!

Thank you for modeling my Halloween coats.  Let's see how the hoods look...

Cute!  Have a seat...

What's in the pockets?

Candy corn!  Yay!

Thank you Sarah...

Thank you Olivia!

Thank you Milli!

Have a Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Diana Meade writing as Ida Clare said...

Hi Laura,

I came here from Pintrest to check our your blog after you followed one of my boards and then I find the absolute cutest Haute Couture Halloween Coats that you made for these lucky girls and I just had to speak up, especially since no one else has commented! Your work is wonderful! Also that white angel skirt is delightful.

I am going back to Pintrest and follow a bunch of your boards since we have some similar interests except that I do well not to sew my fingers together when I get near a sewing machine, but I am ever hopeful.

Warmest regards from a new follower!