Saturday, September 10, 2005

Denise Makes a Necktie Skirt!

Yes....Another victim for Mama Klu. Oh, it started innocently enough - "Come on over and sew, Denise. I'll show you how to make a necktie skirt for Aria (her 8-year-old daughter.)" Meanwhile I am gleefully chuckling "Mwah ha ha ha.... give me two days with this one and I have her converted for sure. Tom Cruise has nothing on me." Well after two mornings of sewing, sure enough, Denise is talking about making Halloween costumes, following patterns and coming back to learn to use the serger! YAY! Great job, Denise!


Chris said...

"Tom Cruise has nothing on me." That is hilarious! Indoctrinating Denise fully into the Cult of Craft! Awesome.

tender arts said...

Hello Laura, I just found your blog through Woof Nanny. I love everything! I had to look at it all! I just want to say "Kudos" to you for the work you do inspiring young women to sew. You are terrific!

denise said...

laura=> thank you so much for having me over. sewing, limericks, the chipotle jingle... you are the absolute best!! i had so much fun with you, and i can't wait to do it again!=> denise