Thursday, May 17, 2007

Purging For Peace

This is a fabulous book! It contains essays from mixed-media artists. I haven't read the entire thing but last night I read "Purging For Peace" by Marilee Fosbre. This is exactly what I am doing. Purging the things from my home and my life that no longer bring me inspiration and focusing on the things that provide it.

It took Marilee two months to clean out her studio. I'm doing the entire house. I hope I can finish faster!

Tomorrow we have a charity pickup. I have three bookcases, one bed, one dresser and several boxes of household stuff on the front porch. Also the recycling bin is filled to the brim.

I received my new bookcases from Ballard Designs on Tuesday. They look fabulous. They're in the living room and I've already filled them. Also I've hung some artwork. Sorry - someone borrowed my camera for his golf outing and drained the battery.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the website of one of my favorite artists, Sheri Rice. See the fourth picture - the one with the Mona Lisa in the top left? I own that and I just hung it in a NEW SPOT in the entrance where everyone can see it!