Thursday, February 24, 2005

Daisy Messenger Posted by Hello


KT said...

What pattern do you use for your messenger bags? Mine does not have the tie on the strap and I'd really like to do that. Is it something easy you could explain? I'm not a beginner sewer I just can't tell how it's done from the pics.

Thanks! The bags look great!

tania said...

great fabric!
love the bags!

Cassi said...

I love them! Great job! What is the other fabric you are using? It almost looks like velvet or terry cloth. What did you do on the inside? I like how the strap knots on the side too, nice little detail. Are you going to try and sell these? I bet they'd do great. I'm getting back to sewing too as my hands are totally aching from crocheting ;)

Laura K said...

Hi girls, thanks for your comments. This is my own design. I just worked with the dimensions of the dishtowels. The sides are about 2.5 inches wide. The strap is about 2 inches wide. On one side of the bag, I inserted a strap loop and two 1.25-inch d-rings into the side. Then on the other side I inserted a long strap. I trimmed the strap to a diagonal, stitching to secure, then inserted it into the d-rings and looped it into a knot. I hope this makes sense. The orange fabric is a cotton velveteen. I call it my "tangerine velveteen!" I will take another photo of this bag showing the side and the d-ring arrangement.

Tanya Nichols said...

I was looking through your archives and I truly love your creations!!! The messenger bag is fantastic. Keep it up!