Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Super Saturday

Yesterday was "AZ Craftsters" day at the Coffee Talk Coffee Shop in Mesa. We had tons of fun. Three new girls joined us. It was rainy, which in Phoenix is a treat! Everyone says "Don't you love this GORGEOUS weather?" I knew these girls would be knitting so I brought my vintage "crazy daisy" winder just to fit in - HEY - it's a yarn craft - close enough!

Meanwhile, there was a meeting of the "Red Hat Society" at the same place at the same time. What a riot these women were with their purple dresses and red hats. (Now here's a hint, ladies... If you are planning to wear an all-purple ensemble, and you are even SLIGHTLY overweight - PLEASE avoid the red-violet shade associated with Barney the dinosaur. Thank you.)

Along with the red and purple was some pink and lavender. Apparently, if you aren't quite ready for the Red Hat society, you can be a junior member and wear these more sedate colors.
What a hoot - these women were very friendly (they passed our gathering on the way to the restroom) and obviously having a great time.

After the Craftsters, I visited another Antique Show. This time I was "allowed" to purchase fabric, so I did.

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