Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Bag

I love books and magazines and I purchase plenty - especially sewing and decorating titles, but I rarely make any of the projects.

In fact, I recently challenged myself to recall even ONE project ever made from any of the hundreds of titles in my library and I couldn't identify a single one.

I do plenty of sewing of course. I just seem to prefer making "my own designs." I always have. So, why do I need all of these books and magazines?

A couple of months ago I told myself that I would make something from the next magazine I purchased. Otherwise, I wouldn't buy it. So, when I saw this title at my local Barnes & Noble I decided to try to purse on the cover. Isn't it cute?

I drafted the patterns and marked and cut out the fabrics carefully. It was a little tricky because the instructions are metric.

This was a good exercise for me.

After the project was done I thought, "Okay, there I've done it. A completed project from a magazine." It turned out pretty much like the design on the cover. Although it is nice, it doesn't really look like "me."

So I hung it on a drawer knob and forgot about it.

Later Kaitlin was over and she spotted it from the hall. MOM!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! Go figure. So now my precious daughter has a new bag.

I also concluded that there is nothing wrong with reading these books and magazines just for fun. My mom enjoyed reading cookbooks. Same thing, right?

I love a happy ending.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Cupcake Couture!

Kennedy, Sarah and Olivia

My local Bernina store, "Sew From The Heart" held a fashion event today called "Cupcake Couture."

I was expecting that grandmas would be making Easter dresses etc for their granddaughters and that this would be a great opportunity for the girls to model.

Now, my neighborhood has the CUTEST GIRLS EVER and even though I don't have any granddaughters of my own, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make some skirts so that we could participate in the event.

I made three daisy skirts - the girls seemed to really like them.

Of course the cupcakes made the day just perfect!

Thank you "Sew From The Heart!"