Saturday, October 30, 2004

Instructions for the necktie skirt

To get to the instructions for the necktie skirt - please look on the right hand side of this page and click on "October Archive." Scroll down to October 1st. The instructions are pretty basic, but if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me -

Friday, October 29, 2004

My designs are in the paper today! YAY!

Here is a link to the article in the fashion section of the Arizona Republic. This is exactly what I wanted to say! Moms, please teach your daughters to sew. Girls, go ahead and try to make yourself something fun and unique to wear. Are you ready to make your first necktie skirt? Instructions for this project are posted on my October 1st entry - Click on the October archive and scroll down... Thanks for reading my blog!

Fit to be tied Scottsdale seamstress takes neckwear to higher level

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dan and Jessica

This is a photo of my son Daniel, and his sweetheart, Jessica on the way to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night. Don't they look happy?!?!?

Dan and Jessica Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Gypsy Rose Necktie Bag Posted by Hello

Gypsy Rose Necktie Bag

I've been working hard on necktie projects! After making six new skirts I had loads of leftover skinny ends so I made several of these Gypsy Rose Necktie Bags. This is my very favorite style of bag - to make and to carry. The rose is made from a necktie too. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Granny Bags On Hold...For Now...

After I got the news that Sarah sold four necktie skirts, five necktie daisies and a bag - in ONE DAY....... I decided to work on more necktie projects. The granny bags are on hold. I'm sure I'll get to them eventually!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Kaitlin's Granny Bag Posted by Hello

What's Next?

I delivered a bunch of "Necktie Couture" to Sarah at Passage today - Skirts, Bags and Daisies. She took the Halloween skirts too - I hope they sell! So what's next? I think it's time to make some more "Granny Bags." I've only made a few so far - for a couple of very special girls. It takes a special girl to appreciate the unique charm of these bags. They are made from vintage upholstery fabric - Preferably from the 60's. Then they are decorated with equally awful trim and topped off with a tacky brooch from the same era. I've been collecting the supplies to make more of these and I received a package today of cut velvet that I won on eBay. I still don't have the perfect trims - but I'm ready to get started.... Back to the Bernina....:)

This is a close-up of Kaitlin's Granny bag. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

1000 points necktie messenger. Posted by Hello

This is the back of the 1000 points messenger bag. Posted by Hello

A Return to Neckties

I'm happy to report that I have packed up my ruffler and taken up neckties again!

Yesterday, I had a call from Megan Finnerty, the editor of the fashion section of the Arizona Republic. She is going to be featuring Necktie Couture in the October 29th issue of YES. Then I had another call from Sarah at Passage (a local boutique) asking for more daisies, more skirts and more bags. We have an appointment on Friday.

SOooooo I had better get back to sewing those neckties..... And anyway..... I ran out of orange rick rack....

Here are photos of the "1000 points" messenger bag that I made several months ago. If you look closely you can see that I have inserted tie tips into the the seams on the front like feathers. It was really hard to keep everything lined up. It turned out great though, didn't it? I think this is one of the bags that I sent to the Republic. We'll see if it makes it into the feature. Back to the Bernina....

Monday, October 11, 2004

Yes, I'm Obsessed!

Okay, the day is not even over yet and I've made FIVE of these Halloween skirts! SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Here's a close-up of the bow - see the kitten on the button? Posted by Hello

This is Isabelle's Skirt - Shhhhh.... It's a surprise! Posted by Hello

Halloween Ruffle Skirts

My precious niece, Isabelle, is turning five on October 31. A Halloween Birthday is lots of fun, and you can be sure that my sister and her husband know how to celebrate! Anyway, I was wondering what to do for Isabelle and then it just clicked - A HALLOWEEN RUFFLE SKIRT! This turned out so well that I made a few more....

The bow is accented with orange rick rack : ), black hairy yarn, a covered button and a removable necklace. I hope Isabelle likes her new skirt!

Another version of the Halloween Ruffle Skirt Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mike's nieces Posted by Hello

Two Cute Girls in Too Cute Skirts!

Awwww.... My friend Mike sent his nieces a couple of my skirts - Rachel is on the left and Sarah is on the right. Aren't they adorable?

Rick Rack 'em up

Rick Rack 'em up

This is a link to an article that was in the Arizona Republic.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Special Order... Posted by Hello

Jen models a new necktie handbag Posted by Hello

Special Orders

I get a lot of "special orders." Some are more interesting than others..... The latest request was to replace the broken plastic snaps on a pair of hiking shorts....

Anyway, some things I just have no interest in and some others really encourage me. For instance I was making the ruffled seersucker skirts and one of my clients asked if I could make them for LITTLE girls. What a great idea - the smaller ones are actually more fun and easier to do. Next summer I will focus more on this market.

Meanwhile, a friend requested a couple of necktie handbags and they turned out great. My model is Jennifer Mara - a fabulous actress and singer - headed for Broadway!

The back of Andrea's skirt Posted by Hello

Andrea's New Skirt

I have a new friend named Andrea that I met at my FAVORITE restaurant, Chipotle. When I placed my bag on the counter to pay for my lunch, the cashier commented on it. She asked me if I had made it, etc. etc. and the next thing I knew I had a new friend! Andrea is a Fashion Design major at Cornell University in New York. Pretty impressive, eh? We exchanged numbers and she has been over several times to sew with me.

I taught her how to make the necktie skirt and she couldn't believe she could finish it in one day. She wants to work on her sewing skills while she is home for one semester, but she doesn't have a machine! Of course I love having her over so this is a perfect arrangement. She made this skirt last Friday and she was back on Monday to begin a bag. Great job, Andrea!

Andrea in her Necktie skirt! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 01, 2004

How to make a necktie skirt

Here is how to make a necktie skirt....aren't you glad you asked? Start with about 15 ties for a 29 or 30-inch waist. Set one aside for the waistband. Cut each tie about 16 inches long for a not-too-short mini skirt. IMPORTANT: locate and draw up the basting thread used in the construction of the tie to sew the back seam. Seal off this thread by stitching across the top of each tie about 1/4 inch from the top cut edge. Arrange the ties to please. Stitch them together starting at the bottom with a solid bartack then use a decorative triple zigzag. I use the #7 stitch on my Bernina Artista, finish the top with another bartack. Join fourteen ties together, checking for fit. Add a 9-inch skirt zipper between the last two ties (zipper goes in back.) Stitch up the seam below the zipper, finishing with a bartack. Topstitch around the entire top unfinished edge of the skirt. The last tie is for your waistband. Baste first, then topstitch the front long edge. Fold the tie over to the inside and handstitch. Tie the ends of the tie into a modified windsor knot to cover the zipper in back. DONE. This is a brief explanation and if anyone has any questions please write - thanks for reading my blog.

Rose Necktie Skirt Posted by Hello