Monday, September 24, 2012

Deconstruct - Reconstruct, Part 2

Here is my second attempt at deconstructing and reconstructing a black velvet pencil skirt.

I went with an asymmetric hem, adding vertical strips of vintage black lace and tatting.  I also added a black silk ribbon and a vintage key.  I pinned it on with black safety pins for a little goth touch.  (Also this makes it easy to know...just in case you need to unlock an old door or something...)

Here is the opposite side.

Another view of the front without the black lace jacket.  The beaded piece in the center is a lovely vintage piece that I have been hoarding.  Finally found a way to use it.  I think it really makes the skirt special. What do you think?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deconstruct - Reconstruct

 I've picked up several of these black velvet skirts at thrift shops - they usually start off like this:

And after some cutting, sewing and adding vintage laces, buttons and trims, they look like this:

I have quite a stash of vintage black laces that I've collected over the years.   It's about time I invented a use for them.  Of course the MOP buttons also found their way onto the skirt as well as this darling little bow...

I'm not totally happy with the design yet - I have incorporated the lining into the center tier of the skirt and the hems are raw.    I was going for a "tattered" look, which is a stretch for me.

Since it's hard to get the hem even, the next one will have a more deliberately asymmetric hem.  Also, I think I want more fullness in the ruffle.  

Please stay tuned...