Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Resolution

I am looking around my sewing room and realizing that I have way too much stuff. I'm not quite ready to purge yet, but I am ready to place a 1-month moratorium on fabric purchases. No more fabric purchases until February. There, I've declared it.

I remember reading a "Dear Abby" column several years ago about a woman who had died and her children discovered boxes, bins and bags of fabric everywhere in her house. There was fabric under the bed, in the closets and cabinets, in the basement and attic - just everywhere. "Oh, please...." I thought "....don't let me be like that!"

I'm actually pretty good about getting rid of stuff. Just today I cleaned out the cubbies in my closet and sorted my shoes. I have a garbage bag full of clothes and a shopping bag full of shoes set aside for charity. I threw a bunch of stuff out too. It was a small, but significant start. I'm sure I'll get to work on the sewing room as well....eventually.

The problem is that I get distracted.

I open a drawer to sort it out and then I discover the wonderful things inside and I want to begin a new project! Does this happen to anyone else?


arlee said...

All the time, sister, all the time!! It's always Christmas when you "organize" the studio!!

Anonymous said...

I have that happen, too. Sometimes things are just waiting to be rediscovered. It sure helped last month when we were flooded in for two weeks!