Monday, January 10, 2005

AZ Craftsters Meet Again

Yes, the AZ Craftsters met again on Saturday. Bonnie very patiently taught Kaitlin and I our first "casting on" and even our first row of knitting. Meanwhile, Chris taught Denise "her way" of knitting. Then the two new lightning-fast knitting fiends arrived - Stephanie and Amy. These girls clearly have black belts in knitting. Not to be outdone, Bonnie gave us up and started a new project of her own. Kaitlin and I struggled slowly while sparks flew from the needles of these champions. Oh dear, Bonnie didn't have any "stitch markers" (whatever those are) but Amy pulled out some stitch markers that she had designed with miniature polymer clay sushi charms......

.....I thought they were earrings.....

She had a sushi necklace too! Be sure to check out Amyville in my links.

Anyway, I am put to shame by these talented girls. Maybe, I'll just have to heft my Bernina to the next meeting and demonstrate my sewing prowess. Thanks to Amy for this photo. Are we cute or what?

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