Saturday, August 20, 2005

AZ Craftsters Meet Again...

...and I forgot to take photos! Oh well.

We started the day at Gracie's Thrift in Tempe. It seemed like a good idea since everything was 50% off. Well guess what? Everyone else in town seemed to have the same idea! The store opened at 9:00. Apparently there was a line outside and everything. We arrived at 10:00. I immediately headed toward the neckties. I was VERY selective - only choosing clean, nice beautiful pink, purple and paisley ties...and a couple of others... Ummmm okay I found a total of 23 ties for 50 cents each. Not the best price but certainly a good price for a choice selection of ties. I also got a pair of natural-colored jeans for a "super-secret" project.

Chris found some great stuff - a wool sweater for felting, a knife rack and a teapot in a pattern that she collects! Carole found some vintage sewing goodies, and our new friend Kathleen found some clothes for her daughter and a bunch of vintage crafting books. We had to wait in a very long line to check out so it's a good thing we had each other to keep company.

Afterward, Denise met us at SAS Fabrics. I have a "Special Order" for a gypsy skirt for my friend Cora. She wants it to match her new VERY CUTE shoes. I brought one of the shoes into the fabric store and the girls helped me to find just the right fabrics. I hope Cora likes our choices.

Carole had to leave, but the rest of us went to lunch at Haji Baba. Naturally I had never been there or to ANY Middle Eastern restaurant....unless you count Greek. I had no idea what anything would taste like so I just ordered a "Combination Plate." Everything was scrumptious!


Toni said...

That sounds like a reallllly fun

Anonymous said...

i agree - lunch was de-licious! it was great seeing you... let's plan to meet again real soon.

Chris Wass said...

It was a good time for sure! I'm glad that I could facilitate your trying of new foods. :-D

I posted in Craftster about meeting in September at the Downtown Market. Do you want to start a thread about getting together at your place for a craft day later in September? (Or was October better for you?)