Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's The Sequinned Peacock Pin!

I love it! It has the oh-so-retro-yet-shabby-chic-handcrafted look that I adore. AND it reminds me of my grandmother who made things like this for the Christmas tree. Here is a link to the vintage swap flickr photo file.


Anonymous said...


Thank you Laura for posting photos to MY-MY-MY glorious and generous gifts!!!!

I know NOTHING of flickr and since my back injury, have not had time or brain cells to figure it out!

It was blast and yes, that Peacock is just the cat's a$$ (but ya just never know if someone else will think so too)...By the way, those nappies and that embroidered piece were sent cause I know you like to sew & craft and thought they may be worth of a project or two.
The Rose pin/brooch is actually celluloid (a vintage plastic) and maybe cute on one of those vintage bags you like to whip up!

I'm so glad we were swap buddies~ Keep in touch! ;)


Marsha said...

Whoa...what a vintage bonanza!! Looks like some amazing things here...and the composition of the photos is really keen, too. :D - marsha

Gina said...

LOVE the peacock!!!