Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Four of our children are employed! Yes - at this very moment Matthew is working at a ski resort in Colorado, Kaitlin is working at Anthropologie in the Scottsdale Fashion Square, Daniel is working at Chipotle and James - yes James, age 14 - is working at Safeway!

In other news, yours truly is the proud winner of four passes to see the movie "The Nativity." I rewrote "Frosty the Snowman" for Arizona. We have "Dusty the Sandman" here in AZ. A local radio station was holding a contest. Of course I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

I'm always so glad to hear about you and your life beyond BPR. I love that site, but I miss seeing your work. Can we read about Dusty? Patty from Tucson

LauraK said...

Dusty the sandman lived in Phoenix Arizone
With a cactus pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of stones,
Oh Dusty the sandman drove the heavy trucks all day
Moving rocks and sand like the builders planned
Paving roads the sandman way.

There must have been some magic in that great monsoon that stirred
For when the duststorm came his way he was gone without a word.

Oh Dusty the Sandman, he awoke in Heaven fair.
He was ushered in with a great big grin
He was really needed there.

Oh Dusty the Sandman had a special job to do
For the streets of gold, they were getting old
And they ought to look like new

Scoopety scoop scoop. Tampety tamp tamp Look at Dusty go…
Scoopety scoop scoop. Tampety tamp tamp Fixin’ the streets of gold!

Anonymous said...

Laura - I love the lyrics - when is it coming out on a single? May I share this with anyone - actualy, I won't because you should put a copyright on it so it can be recorded and used -- please. For our choir in Tucson it would be cute. Let me know. Patty from Tucson.

LauraK said...

Help yourself Patty! Actually, there is one line I'm not crazy about. Feel free to edit. "He was really needed there." Ick. If I were serious, I would rework that!

Anonymous said...

He was wanted way up there?
They were waiting for him there?
He had a job to do up there?
He had his work cut out up there?

I like best "He had a job to do up there" Patty Tucson