Monday, May 14, 2007

Making Progress

More books to the library today and three more boxes of sewing stuff for the high school sewing club! I also dumped another ton of magazines in the recycling bin. BUT the best news is that I have my machine up and I am sewing again. I had a repair to a customer's bag that had been sitting for two weeks. What a relief to have it finished!

We had to pull everything out of the garage in order to have the walls painted and so now that everything is beautiful and clean we are going to have the floor coated and some cabinets installed.

Things are moving along here.

Also, I had some inventory left over from Summer 2005 and I didn't know what to do with it. There were some fruity skirts and some scarfles that I discovered in a bin under my bed. It's funny because although they did not sell (I just made way too many) they are still fresh and bright and unworn. So they aren't exactly "used," but not exactly "new" either. Anyway, I took them to Buffalo Exchange and they bought EVERY SINGLE ITEM. I got $136 cash - not a lot but better than nothing.

Tomorrow my new bookcases arrive!

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