Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm in The Arizona Republic Today!

Click here for the full article.


Seven's Heaven said...

Wow, haven't we hit the big time? I loved the article and your cute face. The Laura K coat is lovely, have I seen you in it?
Really fun to hear how you started the blog and how 'positive' you keep it. Keep being a 'light' sweet girl.
Hope to be there Wednesday and see you, unless of course you're gabbbin' about town, or the globe for that matter!

LauraK said...

Hi Rootin'! The coat is a wee bit tight in the arms. I keep hoping though...

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
I read the article. I'm so proud of you!! I sent the article to my friends and relatives. I'm sure this is only the beginning of many great opportunities and adventures to come. Love your friend, Kristina

International Girl said...

Laura! You rock! That article was great. We are so proud of you. And if you need a chaperone to NY or Paris - You can count on me! Love Ya! H

Laura Lee said...

Terrific article and recognition WELL deserved! Thanks for all the hard work! (but, hey, someone has to do it!!)

Best always,
The other Laura in DC!