Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tue-Torial Bag #2 From Anthropologie Dishtowel

Thanks for you comments on last week's tutorial. I have another bag this week - slightly different. Please give this a try :)

I started with this "Bambi" towel.

Cut off all four edges, then cut off one side just to the left of the last deer. I use my big "Quilter's Rule" to measure and mark the lines.

Make additional cuts as shown. The two strips will become the tab and the handle. The third deer will be appliqued to the back of the bag. The front and back are tapered like this. (Sorry, I didn't take as many photos of this process!)

Refer to previous tutorial and cut a tab pattern from an index card. Cut two tabs from heavyweight stabilizer. Cut two tabs from the bottoms of the two strips. Stitch stabilizer pieces to the wrong sides of the tabs. Install the "male" half of a magnet to one of the tab pieces. Sew tabs together, right sides facing, around the sides and rounded bottom, leaving the top straight edge open. Turn to right side, press and topstitch.

Sew the strips together, right sides facing at the short ends. Press seam allowances open. Fold the long strip in half wrong sides facing and press. Unfold and fold long edges in to the center and press. Pin and topstitch both long edges to form one long handle.

Apply heavyweight stabilizer to the wrong sides of the tapered front and back pieces. Use these pieces as patterns to cut front and back lining pieces from contrasting fabric. Also use an index card to cut two pocket pieces from lining fabric.

Stitch the sides and bottom of the bag right sides together. Also stitch across the bottom corners "Paper Bag" style.

Turn bag to right side and add tab and handle. Install "female" half of magnet to the front of bag.

Stitch up pocket and apply to one lining piece.

Sew front and back lining together at sides and bottom leaving a 5-inch opening in the bottom. Also stitch across the bottom corners.

Place the bag inside the lining and sew right sides together around the top edge. Turn bag right side out through the opening in the bottom of the lining.

Stitch the opening closed and fold the lining down into the bag. Topstitch around the top edge. All done!

Here is the back!

Please let me know if you have any questions and please send me a photo if you try this project. Thanks for reading my blog.


Unknown said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

urban craft said...

oh that is the coolest bag I have ever seen. Wonderful idea. Thank you for the tutorial!

Marsha said...

Adorable! These could be good shopping bags - not for food, but for clean stuff.

Heidi Ann said...

Well, I am just sitting here reading your blog and loving everything I see!
Another fabulous bag!