Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Fairy Feather Fest 2012

FFF 2012 was EPIC!
Lovely Julia is a first-time fester.  She really got into the spirit!

Joanna presents her masterpiece.

Olivia and Bobbi.  Thanks for the treats!

Kaitlin and Amy.  We really need to take a closer look at Amy's gems....

On the left is "Edward Cullen Feather Fairy."  On the right is "Bearded Lady Feather Fairy..."

"Conjoined Twins Feather Fairies" complete with birth certificate.....

It's okay Amy....we don't think this is weird AT ALL....

Another first-timer - Penny...hey where is your hat?

Leah gets the prize for completing the most fairies!

Molly aka "Sexy Wings" 

Molly and Mo.  Because there is nothing like feather fairies for mother/daughter bonding...
Janice presents her masterpieces of featheriness.  Is that a word?
Kaitlin....a veteran fairy fester.
Carey had our first injury - hope your finger is okay...
Gail is another rookie - great job Girlfriend!
And sadly the fest came to a close...thank you everyone!


Which FFFers arrived in wings?

Who arrived later and happened to have a pair of wings in her car that she promptly put on?

Who brought the bagels?

Whose idea was the "tunnel?"

Which festers ran through the tunnel?

Please leave answers in the comments.  

1 comment:

Janice said...

What a blast! Thank you my very feathery friend!!!

I came later but did not have wings in my car, however I did have the absolute pleasure of running through the tunnel :)

It was fun meeting new feather friends!