Friday, October 15, 2004

What's Next?

I delivered a bunch of "Necktie Couture" to Sarah at Passage today - Skirts, Bags and Daisies. She took the Halloween skirts too - I hope they sell! So what's next? I think it's time to make some more "Granny Bags." I've only made a few so far - for a couple of very special girls. It takes a special girl to appreciate the unique charm of these bags. They are made from vintage upholstery fabric - Preferably from the 60's. Then they are decorated with equally awful trim and topped off with a tacky brooch from the same era. I've been collecting the supplies to make more of these and I received a package today of cut velvet that I won on eBay. I still don't have the perfect trims - but I'm ready to get started.... Back to the Bernina....:)

1 comment:

Marsha said...

You KNOW how much I adore Kaitlin's granny bag!!! :D