Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Help! I've fallen into a sea of neckties and I can't get out!

Oh, it started innocently enough with my special orders... Then I took a look at the leftover pieces of those pink and purple ties and thought I'd make a couple of daisies. Then I made a skirt from the fat ends of the ties from Adele's bag. Then I saw all the leftover in-between pieces and made a necktie backpack (photos to follow.) I haven't made these in a while and I was just testing myself to be sure that remembered how. Then I stitched up a handbag from the pink and purple pieces - and now I'm finishing a "special order" skirt for Ryan's little sister. I've never made a pint-sized necktie skirt before. It's just 12 inches long and Sooooo cute. Meanwhile the daisies are selling like crazy so I'm making more of these too.

I had very good intentions of putting away the ties until fall....maybe after one more skirt....

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