Saturday, March 26, 2005

Special Orders

Some special orders are better than others. I did two special orders this week and they were each wonderful!

First, my new friend, Joyce - a widow - aked me to make a bag for her daughter, Adele, from her husband's ties. She had been saving them for "something special." She brought me a selection of ties that included the bow tie that he wore at Adele's wedding. I was able to work it into the design. The ties even smell faintly of dad's cologne...which I left of course. I am very anxious for Joyce and Adele to see this bag. I hope they like it.

Then I had a special request from a mom in Texas. She wanted a necktie skirt for her daughter, Caroline. She had the ties all selected. WOW! I was really excited to see a collection of GORGEOUS pink and purple NEW ties! NEW! I hardly ever work with brand new ties and it was a real treat. Didn't this skirt turn out great? I'm anxious to hear how they like it.

If anyone out there is interested in a custom design like one of these, please caontact me at - thanks!

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