Friday, May 06, 2005

It's A Problem

Yes, I am once again obsessed. This time it's not with necktie projects. It's the gypsy ribbon skirts. I've made a total of 54 of them. Yesterday I made six. SIX! Six in one day! I didn't exactly make them from scratch because some of them were already started... but still... That's a little obsessive.

I really love making them. Each one is different. It's so fun to match up the fabrics and the ribbons. Kaitlin and I went to the mall on Wednesday night and she was wearing one and it looked so great!

I have them in five stores now. When I dropped them off at The Lilypad a customer walked in and bought one on the spot. It was the Sistine Chapel print. She didn't even try it on. They weren't even hung up yet, just in a big heap on the desk. My mom and Jackie were with me in the store and witnessed this. I was like, "See Mom, I TOLD you I was a fashion designer!"

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opportunityknits said...

Laura, You sew lovely things. Thanks so much for the gypsy skirt tutorial. I will try it when I get some stretchy fabric, but I honestly think that your skirts look great because you also have an eye for colour and putting different fabrics together! Very inspring indeed!