Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Official Announcement!

It's time for Summer Sewing Classes! We're going to make pajama pants from our childhood bedsheets. you did save those didn't you? The Little Mermaid Sheets? Then we're going to make ruffled mini-skirts from our old blue jeans. Then circle skits and finally...necktie skirts of course! We'll have loads of fun too! Please e-mail me at kluless7@cox.net and I send you more info. Thanks for your interest in my classes. Oh, of course they're free!


Dallas said...

Too bad they're not online classes - I'd definately be interested.

woof nanny said...

Oh man....I wish I lived a little bit closer. A bit too far to drive, and even though you're only a hop, skip and jump via plane, it's still too expensive. It would be cool if you went to different shops around town!!! Something to consider. A lot of designers do guest appearances at various quilt shops, etc.