Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Craftster Challenge

Regular readers of my blog know that I am obsessed with Project Runway. I've recorded every episode. My husband and kids have asked me, "Mom, why don't YOU try out for Project Runway?" and I always respond "Oh I could never meet all of those challenges! A Grammy gown? A bathing suit? I could never make those things!" And it's true.

I noticed the challenge on to come up with a craft design from something I bought at the dollar store for less than $5.00. At first I wasn't interested....I couldn't really imagine making anything from doallr store items... then I realized, "Hey - this is kind of like Project Runway!" Those designers didn't imagine ahead of time that they would be making something from food! So - just YESTERDAY I went to the Dollar store and bought some things for the challenge! The deadline was today! I just submitted my designs.

In PR terms I don't think I will "win" this challenge - but I don't think I will be eliminated either. It was fun and I think I'm going to do the next one too. Stay tuned...

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arlee said...

Why not? Fabric is fabric!!!
:} Great idea for the *really* budget conscious! And i bet they'd be Fabu for tie dye as most of those are cotton!