Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Adventure Begins!

Kaitlin and I are off tomorrow on our big New York City apartment search! Any advice? She will be rooming with another intern from Virginia. We are determined to find something close to the Broadway Dance Center that is safe and not too expensive.

Of course, being from Arizona, we are completely unprepared for the cold weather. I have one gigantic bright blue coat that I purchased over 20 years ago. It's the only coat I have ever owned. We've lived in AZ for 10 years and I have only worn it once, when we visited the Grand Canyon. So, I'll be in the 20-year-old electric blue wool coat, my new boots and gloves (which I think are actually ski gloves - I just asked for something warm. : ) and a scarf that I purchased at Buffalo Exchange.

I got Kaitlin a new "puffer" at GAP. I figured she would need something more up-to-date. She doesn't seem too concerned about the weather.

Hopefully I will return with lots of photos and good news. Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous said...

Heck Yeah your here with good old Jennifer Mara... gotta love her. Anyways by the time you get this you will be back in AZ which means I am crying and sad so COME BACK NOW. Love you,


-C- said...

Have a wonderful time in NY. How exciting. Take lots of pictures to post them when you get back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.