Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!

File this under "What was I thinking?" You know I've been collecting neckties for quite a while and all of the holiday ties went into a certain bin. A couple of weeks ago I noticed this bin in my closet. It was labeled "Christmas." I was like "What is this?!?!" I opened the bin and remembered the ties that I had set aside. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the urge to sew some Christmas skirts. I had lots of fun sorting the ties.

Please notice that the bottom skirt is all Christmas ties with a black background. It's quite a challenge to come up with 15 of these.

Anyway - of course, after my frenzy to sew these up I was like "Now what?" No one will want to buy these - or wear these. It takes a "special" personality to wear a necktie skirt in the first place - a Christmas necktie skirt is just a little too outrageous. So, these are just for you. I hope they make you smile....and Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Laura - I think those skirts are darling! If I were 20 (okay, 30) years younger and 20 (okay, 30) pounds lighter I'd wear one in a heartbeat! Your SIL, Jan

LNLisa said...

I agree with Jan, those are very cute and fun! They would be so much fun at a Christmas Party! Way better than the typical Christmas vest or sweater.