Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Have a New Camera!

I'm still learning the features on my new camera but I wanted to try to post something right away. Remember you are keeping me accountable.

The stockings are small - ornament sized. Two of them are monogrammed. They are trimmed with vintage laces and buttons. The angels are also ornaments. They are made from scraps of an unfinished vintage velvet quilt top. Do you remember the other projects that I made from the same quilt?

Click here for the backpack and here for the messenger. At this point I only have scraps left from the quilt, but I am making the most of them!


Anonymous said...

Laura, those ornaments are gorgeous. So sweet.

(the pix turned out well, too.)

Re your Vintage Velvet Patchwork Backpack:

Are those fleurchons, I see?

Anonymous said...

Uh, that was Tilli

LauraK said...

Those are vintage crocheted pansies covering the weak areas in the vintage fabric. :)

Anonymous said...

oooo I heart those ornaments! They are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The angels are so sweet. I love the stockings with the buttons. I've been making wreaths of buttons on jackets - I love buttons. The lace and the velvet are beautiful. The patchwork makes me miss my 'grandma-who-sits-and-sews'. She was the patchwork quilt queen. Patty from Tucson (now to be known as Tucson Patty)