Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ruby <3 Young Crafters!

My friend Tilli has an 8-yearold niece named Sara. Sara is learning to sew and is very artistic! Sara made this stuffed version of a sugar glider with just a little bit of help from her mom. Isn't it great? Here is a photo of Sara with a butterfly project that she made. Adorable.

Thanks for sharing, Aunt Tilli!


Anonymous said...

Aw, "Auntie Mar" is so proud! (No way was I gonna let the kids call me "Aunt Martha"...) I really think she's going to make a name for herself in the arts or in fashion design. Can you say Project Runway Season 15?

Hmmmm. Do you think I should send pix to Scuba Otter braggin' on my little nephew (child of another sister)? Sis says he's gonna grow up to be either a Marine Biologist or one of those guys who wander the beach with a metal detector!

Anonymous said...

dI am so glad you are teaching sewing to a whole new generation. I'm trying to teach my daughter and an adult friend - it's hard. I don't know how my mother had the patience with all the 4-H kids and their projects! Patty from Tucson