Monday, January 01, 2007

Kaitlin Plus Britney - BFFs

My daughter, Kaitlin works at Anthropologie in the Scottsdale Fashion Square. On Saturday night, December 30, 2006, Britney Spears entered at about 8:00 PM. She was with two other young women.

Britney selected several items and tried everything on. She brought her choices to the front counter. Kaitlin noticed a marigold-colored dress and recommended this bag to go with it:

Of course Britney added it to her selections. As she was preparing to check out, another girl asked her for an autograph. Then someone suggested that Britney pose for a photo with Kaitlin. Britney suggested that they go and sit on a bed for the photo. This is a polaroid which is now on the bulletin board in the backroom of the store. Britney's total bill was $2900.00.

Please be on the lookout for this bag. Wouldn't it be great if Brit was actually spotted carrying it!

Now here is the funny part.

Kaitlin and Lynn were wearing these Burger King Dance Dance Revolution Feet Beat toys on their shoes. Britney heard the beat as Kaitlin was walking and asked about the sound. Kaitlin explained that they were a "Happy Meal" toy and suggested that Britney "Get her butt to McDonald's, sister!"

Oops, Britney if you are reading this - they're actually from Burger King!


The Scarlett said...

Since we know that Kaitlin is teeny, Brit looks tiny! Fun!!

woof nanny said...

How fun! Brit looks so much better lately. How odd that she would go to a mall.

I love the idea of jingling feet.

LauraK said...

Britney is now in the local news. She is staying at a "spa." If you saw her on New Year's Eve you'll understand that she needs some rest and relaxation here in beautiful Scottsdale.