Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I just remembered why I started blogging...

Hi Laura,

This might seem a little weird b/c you don’t know me. But I found your Rick-Rack-Ruby blog online and wanted to write you. My name is Christy and I’m 23, I live in Springfield Missouri w/my husband. We just got married in October and I received a sewing machine as a wedding present, I have always been crafty and love fashion and was so eager to be able to make things for myself and friends, so I went online to find ideas, I found a pattern to make a tie purse and was so excited that I went thrift shopping the same day so I could get started. Even though it looked a little home-madeish (b/c my technique was lacking) I was still getting lots of compliments, so I went back online, for more and that’s when I found your blog, I immediately fell in love w/some of your projects, I love that you use vintage fabric, so I added you to my bookmarks, a few weeks later, I was surfing again and I realized that you were the one who posted the pattern for the tie purse I found. -So, I just wanted to say thanks, for posting such great ideas. The tie purse was my first project since Jr. High Home Ec class, and you made it very easy for a beginner, I’m getting better now, and excited try new things! –also can’t wait for the new season of Runway starting soon! I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, and I hope you keep posting!


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Anonymous said...

Laura - that is exactly how I found you - looking for a pattern for a tie skirt on the net - found Craftster - then you - then Project Runway. What more could you ask for in life.
I cleaned my sewing room today and came across my bag-o-ties -- just waiting for the next project!
Patty from Tucson