Wednesday, August 08, 2007

E is for Exhausted and Excedrin

It's been one of those days. School starts next week which means we have a lot of running around to do. Today was registration at the high school for James. I was just finishing filling out the "health card" when I remembered that he was supposed to have a shot before he was allowed to register. He is 15.

There was no way I was getting in to the pediatrician. They could schedule us for October! I knew from experience that our usual "Urgent Care" provider does not do vaccinations. I knew of another clinic a little further away and we had had a good experience there several months ago. We headed there only to learn that they didn't do vaccinations either. I asked if they could recommend another place, they did, and we headed there. No luck. However, the woman at the desk was very helpful. She discovered that the shots were available for free at Scottsdale Osborne Hospital on Saturday. But we needed to register TODAY. She made a couple of more calls and discovered a Walk-in Clinic only about 30 more minutes further away that had the vaccine.

We drove there only to walk in to a completely full waiting room. Literally two seats were left. I knew it would be a long wait. Good thing I had a book :) After about an hour and a half we got the shot. The nurse said: "This is about the 500th one I've done this week." No kidding?

By now it was long past the scheduled time for our registration. We hurried to school and finished just under the gun.

Now, where's the Excedrin?


Anonymous said...

Crikey, that must have been frustrating!! Seems like if the school requires vaccinations, they should set up some kind of service to do it (like churches or drugstores offering flu shots). But that's too logical. :P

Hey, the Emmett coat is wonderful! And the diet progress sounds astounding.


Kaitlin said...

mmmm.... just one of those days...