Sunday, August 05, 2007

A is For Artist

I read about this idea here, at Bella Dia and I think I will give it a shot. I'm going to try to feature a photo of something in my house or something that I have made that starts with each letter.

My first effort is "A is for Artist." The first painting is by Susie Pryor. The bottom one is by Linda James. You'll find their paintings at the Bennett Street Gallery in Atlanta.

I have never met the artists personally, but my sister lives in Atlanta and she and my mom often visited galleries. My mom purchased these and they now hang in my home.

Here is the view down the hall...

And here is a close-up. This work is titled "Lamb."

My mom chose the one at the top because it reminded her of Kaitlin and I.

I miss my mom....

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Emese said...

Hi Laura,

I discovered your blog when I'm looked for inspiring necktie ideas and I'm so impressed how great and creative your works are. Wow!
But why I'm writing now is I fall in love this Susie Pryor paintings you own.It remind me my 2 year old daughter and me. Do you think is there a print somewhere on the internet where I can buy it or just save the image? If not am I too cheaky to ask you a full pics about it?
Have a nice day!
Emese from Hungary
dekor at dekorella dot hu