Wednesday, August 22, 2007

H is for Heat!

Here in Arizona we are accustomed to the summer heat, but this year has been worse than usual. In fact we have now had 27 days of over-110-degree weather already this year. If we hit 110 today we will tie a record. Since the last day of the year to ever hit 110 has been September 15th, we still have plenty of time.

Of course, nine months of the year the weather is perfection. The sun is always shining and the sky is always clear and blue!

Update: Broke the record today - August 29, 2007 with the 29th day of over 110 degrees so far this year.

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Anonymous said...

Good gravy! This is not the weather report I want to hear. *cries a little* But, of course, it's hot here, too -- just a couple of degrees cooler.

Over 110, and I start getting cranky.

I'm SO looking forward to being done with moving. The movers haven't even arrived yet, and I'm already exhausted.

BTW, the piece on your grandmother is lovely and touching. Besides being a talented designer and a wonderful woman, you're also a very good writer.