Friday, August 24, 2007

I is for IKEA

We have an IKEA store not too far away - perhaps a 40-minute drive, but convenient to my daughter in Tempe. Somehow, I just never get there. In fact, it is my sister-in-law, Heather who usually gets me to go by offering to meet me there.

I'm not really into cooking or kitchen stuff, and I am trying to clear out the accessories from my house - not add to them. Furthermore, IKEA is just so large and overwhelming that it seems to take forever just to get through it. Even if I wanted one thing and knew exactly where it was, it would take 30 minutes to get to it, place it in the cart and check out. SO... I am not a big IKEA fan.

But this all changed several weeks ago.

Heather called on a whim to meet me there - I was already at Kaitlin's so it worked out perfectly - although I might have dressed a little bettter! We wove in and out admiring one thing after another. My cart remained empty while she seemed to locate all sorts of things needed for her daughter, Alex. A desk! A chair! A lamp! A drawer! Heather quickly made her selections....

Breezing along through the kitchen stuff my eye caught a display of jars...

Now most people would use them for pasta or sugar or cookie cutters, or whatever else people use in their kitchens. I of course thought "Buttons."

My buttons ARE in jars, but it is rather a mishmash of antique mall finds and jelly jars - nothing consistent. Suddenly I had an image of a line-up of perfectly matched jars filled with color-coordinated buttons. I HAD to have them.

There were several sizes and I added them to my cart. I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get home to begin sorting and organizing things into my new Jars... Hey, Jars starts with J, right? More to come....


Anonymous said...

Hee hee! IKEA can be overwhelming, even if one really is interested in getting something.

I don't know about dressing well -- but maybe you just mean hiking shoes! :P

I have JUST the dresser picked out I want to get there. Maybe a table for my office, too. Wanna come?


International Girl said...

For the record, it takes a true friend to agree to go to IKEA! I love it when we can hook-up there. It makes the shopping a lot more fun!

Unfortunately, your brother hates it when I go there! Doesn't he realize that I get cheap stuff and valuable time with you?!

Kim K. said...

My fav at IKEA are these frames with little mirrors in them. You can paint the frame and add a ton of mixed media to them and they are under $3 - I think they are actually $1.99. I usually buy 10 of them when I am there and then have a blast putting things on them.